Getting the error "Error in saving" and "Agent not found"

As I have moved from my personal account to a team account I have move my GPT’s over and now I am getting the above error saving the GPT.
There is nothing special in the GPT and I even reduced the GPT.
Is there a limit on the number of GPT’s ?
I have not uploaded files and instructions are around 2500 chars.

Any ideas ?


Experiencing the same thing, although strangely it does still actually save them even though it claims not to. I don’t have any suggestions, but you’re not alone here

You are not alone!!.. I think we need to wait for the team solve that

I’m also experiencing the same error with a Team workspace. I can create GPTs without error in my personal workspace.

It looks like the part of the GPT creation that adds your GPT’s name to the end of the “hash” part of the URL. For example, the ‘mycustomgpt’ piece would be missing in a team workspace “g-XxXxXxXx-mycustomgpt”.

We have the same issue here. Looks to be system wide.

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Having the same issue, a combination of “Agent not found” and “Error saving GPT”

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Same issue over here. Just started creating a GPT and barely got through the instructions, no files uploaded and I can’t save/publish it. It’s still present under “My GPTs” but I can’t save it, publish it, or update it.

Also I noticed one of my other GPTs started throwing error after error when analyzing a large data set that earlier had no issues with. So now I’m wondering if it’s something with the custom GPTs system wide.

This is fixed for me now, in Team Workspace.

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Yes it is working for me again and I can save GTP’s.

Thanks Team.