Getting questions from a tabular data

Is there any way to get automatic questions and answers for my dataset. For example I have a review rating dataset for multiple cities. Expected output is when I send the dataset it should be able to generate all possible prompts and completions on my data and return me prompt completion pairs. I will use the prompt completion pairs for fine-tuning a text davinci model.

Thanks in advance

Is there a specific reason you want to use fine-tuning instead of embedding your dataset?

The latter will be lower cost and allow you to use the latest models, like that ChatGPT API and text-davinci-003.

If you’re interested, I made a couple diagrams showing how this would work with embeddings: Q&A with ChatGPT & Embeddings - Basic & HyDE Examples - WFH Brian

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For my use case finetuning will be the best approach . But still I am figuring a way to create prompts and completions from my tabular data

Hey Guys, When is best to fine-tune, and when is best to embed your tabular data?

Always start with embeddings. It’s a lower barrier to entry. When the time is right, fine-tuning will find you.

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