Getting GPT3 to understand a contract and answer contractual questions

Hi guys,

I am still new with the use of GPT3 and I am still tinkering with the idea of making a tool that allows users to ask questions regarding a contract and get answers out of it in plain english.

Are there any tutorials to get started on how to fine-tune? I have zero knowledge in programming.

And how should I design my prompt?

I am setting this up for a construction firm.

Appreciate much if anyone could point me in the right direction.


Your first step is probably to learn programming.
Your second step should be to learn how to make good prompts.

This question comes up often enough. I think I’ll make a youtube video on it.


I think it would probably be best if you got familiar with gpt-3 and the playground and how to use it first. Then learn how to code and use gpt-3 in some code. There is so much you can do without fine tuning.

Test it out by putting a chunk of the contract with the question in the prompt.

Like other’s have mentioned, it seems like there is a bit of a learning curve ahead for you as you will need to understand prompt engineering, a programing language (I would suggest python or javascript), and how fine-tunning works in order to create a useable program.

What happens if you just dump it in the Edit playground and instruct it to “Explain in simple terms what this means”

I think learning programming for this would be overkill, there will be simple front ends available if there aren’t already

Maybe you could do that in the playground and let us know?