Getting banned for using a VPN

My account was banned because I had used a VPN once while using GPT 3. This is kind of a big deal for me, because I literally need ChatGPT for a course in my university. Support said they won’t do anything because I “broke the rules”.

It’s annoying that because I did something with no malicious intent, or even knowledge that I was doing something wrong, I get banned from using the most advanced publicly available AI product out there.

I feel that because of this mistake, I now have lost an integral tool in my toolbox, and I have a lover competetive advantage compared to my peers, who can use this tool to help them create better texts grammatically and help brainstorm ideas.

I think a permaban for using a VPN is an unjust punishment, especially when someone tries to appeal it and shows proof that they had no malicious intent. Especially when using a VPN is becoming more and more a normal part of internet “hygiene”. Punishing this with such an absolute punishment, especially considering how important of a tool this is.

I understand that, of course, ChatGPT is a product, not a right, and OpenAI has every right to limit the kind of users that it wants to accommodate. I just think that they should reconsider permabanning people for such a minor offence.

Are you sure VPN was the cause? What did support say?

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Just FYI the API category is for the developer side of things, not normal ChatGPT.

I can’t speak for OpenAI, but I understand how inconvenienced you probable feel.

If you’re interested the ban might not extend to the actual API though, you’d have to get in touch with support to know for certain.

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Support said that me using a VPN had been flagged as a “Potential Security Concerns” and my account had been banned for “Suspicious Activity”.

Yeah, I know. I’m just trying to vent my frustrations somewhere. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is odd. VPN use can be fair, like when you’re connected to a network you don’t really trust. Try to argue peacefully by explaining in detail the reason for using the VPN, as well as the actions you were doing on ChatGPT for them to consider.

As a last resort, you can try to create another account, with another email.

Tried it already, but my phonenumber has been banned by OpenAI… Too bad I guess…