Get a serialized response for use of data in c#

Hello, newbie question here.
I am building an app in c# that can read emails and through them create requests in a platform for booking airplane tickets.
My question is if there is a way to get a response from gpt3.5 or gpt4 that can be deserialized and populated into c# class fields.
for example turn this:

Dear Team
Can you please give me an offer for the following flights?
Example Passenger
02/02 Example Origin flight at 08:00
02/02 Example Destination flight at 19:00
Travel Light

into a class with props passengerName, flightDate etc.

So far I have understood that I can only do it if I ask the model to reply in Json, but is there any other way?
I also read about Function Calling, is it something that could help in my case?
Thank you