Get a correct /answer with fine-tuning

I’m looking at the answers endpoint to try to return a “factual” statement from GPT-3. Before I start uploading files, though, I thought I’d try to generate a simple example. For some reason, ada and curie and davinci get it “wrong”, while babbage nails it.

Example python request:

answer = openai.Answer.create(
    documents=["Brian wears shorts on Thursdays.", "Brian wears pants on Fridays.", "Brian wears a kilt Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.", "Brian like dishwashers."],
    question="Does Brian wear kilts on Fridays?",
    examples_context="In 2017, U.S. life expectancy was 78.6 years.",
    examples=[["What is human life expectancy in the United States?", "Seventy-eight long and luxurious years."]],
    stop=["END", "\n", "."],

Answers yes.

Originally, I had “Brian wears a kilt everyday, except Thursdays and Fridays”, but even the above rewording is still not operational. Except model=babbage, which always works, irrespective of the search_model value.

finally, asking

question="It is Friday, what is Brian wearing?",

Tells me “kilt”.

Is there something off with these simple documents and sentences?

I found that a max_rerank of 1 does return the correct answer with ada and curie, though. Are we required to look at the score (if one exists) to figure out a “correct” answer?

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Quick note: I don’t think I’m using a classifications system in this process. If so, it’s hidden to me…

As I continue to test, I’m finding something else odd - when openai.Engine(search_model).search() operates, it seems to break documents by \n. So, in my sample dataset, I have a sentence that has \n in it before a period. Setting the stop_sequence to something else doesn’t seem to override this. Is it expected behavior to assume that a \n is the “end of a thing”?

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Learned something new: the FILE purpose of “answers” breaks things differently that “search”. Search keeps the newlines in the result, whereas answers seems to do it’s cutting on the newline. So, for fine-tuned filtering, it’s a search that is needed, not an answers upload.

EDIT: Possible red herring; the stop_sequence was hardcoded in my script on ["\n", “.”] :open_mouth: