[German Website] Revitalize User Generated Content with Al and ChatGPT / OpenAl Whisper at Holidaycheck.de

We are happy to announce and invite you to try our new Al-based Hotel Review Assistant in Beta: Your review is highly appreciated!


At HolidayCheck Group AG we always try to dip our feet in the water as early as possible in technology trends to gauge what they mean for our business.

We are building an Al assistant to make it even easier for holiday makers to write reviews in the future. This is still a beta version to be tested by as many passionate travellers as possible.

Therefore, we are calling on all of you to submit a test review using the HolidayCheck assistant with the beta version. The submitted reviews will not go online but will be used to make the functionality even better. All participants will be entered into a raffle: This is done automatically once you interact with the assistant, and it generates reviews for you.

Last few weeks we worked on prototype to understand how we can Revitalize User Generated Content with Al and ChatGPT / OpenAl Whisper.

With over 10 million reviews and holiday photos, HolidayCheck is the largest travel review portal in the German-speaking area. Every day, users upload their holiday impressions, giving other holidaymakers guidance when deciding on and booking their next destination. What is the hotel environment like, the food, the beach, the entertainment? Are there things that could be improved or was the holiday generally positive?
All these reviews are extremely helpful for holiday makers. They provide additional information, transparency and help in the decision-making process when going through a wealth of offers.

To create a detailed and thus helpful rating, the holiday maker must take some time to evaluate the individual categories, including the location, surrounding area, rooms, food, entertainment, and the hotel in general.

Submit a test review: Writing reviews will be easier and faster in the future

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