GeoSnap - AI Generated Travel Photo App

:star2: Introducing GeoSnap! :star2: The game-changing AI image generation app that auto-generates travel photos of you, so you can enjoy the moment without the hassle of taking photos IRL! :camera_flash::earth_africa:

We understand the struggle of wanting to capture memories while also immersing yourself in the experience. GeoSnap is here to set you free!

As the name implies, The app tracks your location, the weather, and various other data points to auto generate your travel photos (leave your phone/camera in your pocket).

We’ll be seeking testers from around the world - please check back here in the future for more details.

Not gonna lie, this concept sounded kind of depressing at first, but I can imagine some use cases where it would actually make sense. Would be happy to help you test! Good luck building!

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