Generation of repsone failing and leading to prompts being fused

On GPT-4 in the browser, my prompts will fuse together for some reason and so the GPT thinks it has responded to my last prompt, plus this one so it confuses it. It is really odd, and it is throwing me off and wasting my 40 uses.

I think I have figured out what is occurring even if nothing I do fixes it.

  1. The prompt goes through and a response is generated.
  2. Even though a response was generated, it doesn’t save.
  3. If you reload the page, you can tell it didn’t go through as it just says the whole “There was an error generating a response” thing, alongside the regenerate button.
  4. So since this response didn’t save, if you try to do another prompt the last prompt, since it failed to generate a response, it will just fuse with the new prompt.
  5. the cycle continues.

I have no idea what causes this. I have swapped browsers, used the mobile app, and all that occurs like 95% of the time. I have managed to make it not =do it sometimes but not sure how.
I have seen 1 other person with this bug but no idea how to fix though.