Generating applications / code (built on top of codex)


I want to create an application (built on top of Codex) that will be generating complex applications (web, mobile and other). I look for people to collaborate. You can find more information here: .

If someone works on something similar, please let me know. It’s better to collaborate than duplicate each other work because then one person can work on one thing, when the other person works on something else. So if they collaborate, they will create more value to the users, so they will generate more profit to split between them (so both creators and users benefit from that).

If you want to know about the current progress of the project, then just let me know that you are interested in that and I will describe how things are going and where I’m at with the project.

I don’t understand. I explained what the goal is / what I want to create on the page that I linked to and in the first post here. What do you mean by “high-level summary of your goals”? Do you mean how it’s going to work under the hood?