Garbled words when creating stories

I’m using Curie and Da Vinci to create new, unique stories and sometimes I get back words with letters missing, other times the last paragraph will have a bunch of the words jammed together without a space. I’m not sure what I’m doing to cause this. It’s pretty inconsistent, it happens maybe 1/10 times I try to create a story. Here is an example:

\"There's sure to be some clue there as to what these monkey aliens are up to!\"\nWe disembarked and began exploring the island. It didn't take long before we found a large cave near its centre which appeared to have been recently inhabited judging by all ofthe rubbish strewn about outside it - old food wrappers, banana peelings.. nd then I saw something that made my blood run cold: human bones!\n\"Good heavens, H lmes!\" I exclaimed. \" o you think these poor people were sacrificed to some heathen god by these monkey aliens?\"\nMy friend shook his head. \"I do not know, W tson,\" e replied solemnly. \"B t we must find out what happened to them - and fast!\""

To create the stories I take a prompt of an existing story, in this case a Sherlock Holmes mystery, and ask the model to add in some other elements, alien monkeys in this case. If the text I get back isn’t long enough I append it to the end of the prompt and query the API again with the new prompt. I do this repeatedly until I get the length I want.