Future of the GPT store in limbo?

I think a lot of people are concerned about this and we won’t know until an official response. OpenAI Dev relations guy said this on X which gives some hope: https://twitter.com/OfficialLoganK/status/1726631481403941107

A note to OpenAI developers :heart_hands::

I wanted to express my appreciation for all the warm, thoughtful, and supportive messages I got and I’ve seen posted across the community.

Despite a moment of uncertainty, our commitment to developers remained steadfast.

In the meantime, please know that we are continuing to prioritize stability and security of our systems. Our engineering team remains on-call and actively monitoring our services.

In all events, our commitment remains to our customers and our mission. Thank you for your continued trust.

Hey ChatGPT, please summarize what the hell is going on in a way a 5th grader can understand.


They have no choice but to come out and say that while the ship is sinking and terms of surrender are potentially still be negotiated between the parties.

Just like on the Titanic, tell the staff to keep calm and start playing the violins, quickly…

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I hope this whole experience shows Ilya some true humility.
It’s ironic, I never liked him even before all this drama, because I personally find it disrespectful and counterintuitive to have this “holier than thou” attitude on what AI “safety” is.
Before ChatGPT was released, I was studying in hopes to be a computational linguist, and I wanted to research and make a thesis regarding AI semantic understanding, but because I wasn’t getting a PhD in Princeton or some such I was ignored.
A lot of us in the linguistics community, not even CS, were frustrated because we care very much about safety and ethics, and we all saw throughout history that a computer scientist does not always know what’s best in terms of “safety”. In fact, we’re better equipped to understand what safety is and how to handle it than they are, but it wasn’t up to us to determine that; nope, it was him.

Science is open for a reason. You cannot hoard scientific information with the claim of “safety”. It takes a community of people outside your field and depth of expertise to determine what that is. Anything else is just ego in sheep’s clothing.

I have more respect for people who hoard knowledge in the face of “proprietary information”. At least that makes practical sense.

This is the end result of what happens when you believe you’re the only one who knows what’s best for everyone else. They revolt

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Honestly you’re not wrong. But from everything ive seen, at least in a parasocial kind of way, Ilya is a HUGE reason any of this NN stuff got going anyway. If I were @satya, @sama or @gdb, or any other important figure here, I would be having VERY human and difficult conversations to get to the bottom of this. I don’t think Ilya or Mira would make this decision lightly, so clearly something is going on behind the scenes that the public doesnt know about. Problem is, now that they messed up so badly, it’s going to take a ton of trust building to get back to the basics. If i were an investor, I’d hold my cards close until some more details are revealed.

Also, I’m not an Ilya fanboy, though he is very important to AGI dev, but I think its unfair to speak for anybody’s intentions either. There are a lot of forces at play, different governments and regulators, wall-street and investors, scientists and technicians, ethicists ans philosophers… we are waiting, and may always be waiting, to hear which force really pushed these people to make that critical decision. I think we need ‘facts’ before we can really decide what we think about the situation.

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I’m hoping that we actually get facts at some point. This entire 3 day endeavour is still nearly all speculation.

I understand that internal comms are private, but the closest thing we’ve gotten to direct communication was a post made on twitter two hours earlier.

Looking forward to them putting the open in OpenAI.


Wouldn’t that be nice?
It’s as if being secretive and private can have actual consequences if you aren’t extremely careful.

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NGL i thought the Gpt Store launch would be last black friday :joy:. How late is late November for the GPT STORE launch? I’m so excited as there’s only 3 days left. Meanwhile i’ll be here patiently refreshing my phone. waiting