Function arguments returned as functions.functionName({JSON}) rather than just {JSON}

I have an assistant that only does one thing, which is parse a Pdf and call a function called processPurchaseOrder, however, when processing one pdf the assistant returns the function argument as functions.processPurchaseOrder({JSON}) rather than just {JSON} which then cuases the whole flow to fail. the weird thing is that this only happens for one specific pdf, other return just the {JSON} as expected. The data from the pdf which fails is parsed correctly.

What is the reason?

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Can you notice any differences in the PDF that’s working and the one not working?

the PDFs are purchase orders from 2 different companies. visually they are different, however, GPT seems to be parsing/understanding both of the PDFs well since it is correctly extracting info, the only issue is that for one of the PDFs it has the weird output.