Func Runner - Managed Assistant Function Calling Service

Hi everyone! I am working to help OpenAI users adopt function calling in a more accessible way. I created a service that manages the code execution and reporting of function results back to your function calling enabled assistants. It allows you to focus on your assistant and business logic instead of the plumbing around managing run executions. Right now I only support Python but I plan on introducing support for Javascript and other languages based on your feedback.

Why did I make this? I have had the pleasure of working on several assistant enabled projects and found myself constantly repeating the same patterns to manage the function calling logic for their respective assistants. Although it isn’t insurmountable to write your own solution I ended up repeating this pattern so frequently that it made more sense to abstract this detail away from the core logic of the application.

I would love to give some of you early access so that I can learn what it looks like in the hands of other creators. If you have any questions about how it works or how it was built please feel free to ask and I am happy to answer them!