Free user, I had (limited) access to GPT-4o for some days. Now nothing at all

When they announced GPT-4o would be available (with heavy limits) to free users I was eager to test it, and sure enough I did have access (if only a few prompts per day). I had that for about 4-5 days but since then I never have access anymore (its been a week and a half at least). I think I still get some GPT-4o prompts but no longer have the ability to upload images/dicuments or to create custom chats. I don’t know what happened. I created a new free account with a different email address and it DOES have the limited access (which does allow me to upload documents and images and create custom chats), but not the account I have been using forever, the one I really would like to have the occasional access. Any ideas?

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Same here, I had it for a couple of days and it’s been gone since. How is it free? That’s false advertising

Same here. I was close to subscribing to Plus - but with this behaviour I do not dare…
Strangely enough, there seems to be no notice or issue about it anywhere… This thread is the first I found, telling me I am not the only one to experience sth like an “unresetted usage limit”. For the last 4 days I get nothing else but the answer shown in attached image.