Formatting Raw Data to output from a question

Hi everyone! I am working on some fine tuning as the data that I would like openAI to search from is the size of a book.
My goal is to ask it a question or to reference a page and have it output a summary of that page in a particular format.

I read over the documentation and was not able to address my particular question as I think it refers more to methodology with my time of data and before spinning my tires and going down the wrong road I wanted to ask.

I have successfully formatted my text files to contain data and format it to JSONL like below

{“text”:“Chapter1\r\n\r\nPage1Text\r\n\r\n\nPage2Text\r\n\r\n\nPage3Text\r\n\r\n”,“metadata”:“D:\Chrome Downloads\Transcripts\Chapter1.txt”}
{“text”:“Chapter2\r\n\r\nPage4Text\r\n\r\n\nPage5Text\r\n\r\n\nPage6Text\r\n\r\n”,“metadata”:“D:\Chrome Downloads\Transcripts\Chapter2.txt”}

Then I proceed to call to collect the values back.
The call I make is formatted like so
Dim myData As String = “{”“file”": “”" & Filename & “”", ““question””: “”" & Question & “”", ““temperature””: " & Tempature.ToString & “, ““search_model””: ““davinci””, ““model””: ““davinci””, ““examples_context””: ““In 2017, U.S. life expectancy was 78.6 years.””, ““examples””: [[”“What Is human life expectancy In the United States?”", ““78 years.””]],"“max_rerank”": 5, ““max_tokens””: " & Number & “}” ’ , ““stop””: [""\n"", “”<|endoftext|>""]

Now the issue I face at that point is the size of the example_context. I would like to have the answers spit out in a particular format.

Now this is where I get a little lost on what the correct step is. Do I need to convert my call to a completion call (instead of answer) and create a second file for how to format the data then reference the Book as defined above to have the data be generated in the correct format?

Any recommendations and samples of jsonl formats would be very helpful, I’m currently coding a solution in to convert the Textdata to jsonl and make the required rest calls but from a methodology standpoint to get the answers to be formatted in a particular fashion I’m a little bit at a loss. Thanks again for your input!