Firebender: Monetize your LLM Apps And Improve UX in 5 minutes

Firebender is the first and fastest way to monetize your LLM application by surfacing contextually relevant ads to your users WITHOUT sacrificing their experience!

We know ads are universally hated and we feel similarly. We DO NOT aim to create a spammy, irrelevant ad experience akin to the existing web.

With the rise of LLMs that offer a deeper understanding of user preferences and behaviors, we have the opportunity to invert this frustrating model into a beneficial one. With Firebender, only the most pertinent and valuable ads reach your users, enabling us to:

  1. Enhance the overall user experience by serving them products and services they would actually consider purchasing
  2. Drive higher conversion rates for advertisers
  3. Create an additional revenue source for LLM app developers

We’re committed to aligning the interests of users, advertisers, and developers in order to redefine the status quo of digital advertising. We’re early in development and looking for our first customers to work with. If you’re interested, watch our demo and access our early beta by joining the waitlist at!

Any and all feedback is welcome, thanks!


The demo shows using for GPTs only, is it possible to use in code?

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We’ll offer an API as well to integrate with any shape of LLM application!