Finetuning in my office system - Endpoint Issue

I have a training .jsonl already that I created using the info on OpenAI API
I am now trying to use it for fine tuning using the command(on CMD) mentioned on the same page which is as below

openai api fine_tunes.create -t fine_tune_prepared.jsonl

I have stored the below variables in my windows system variables


I am sure both the above are correct as i can use them in my jupyter notebook. But when running the finetuning command on cmd I get a 404 error and am not sure why.

←[91mError:←[0m Resource not found (HTTP status code: 404)

Additional info: I amusing the azure api version 2022-12-01

Hello @ramkumar , Can you please undelete your comments haha. I really want to know the solution :slight_smile: