Finetuning GPT-3 to write a novel... part 1 (aka AUTOMUSE RIDES AGAIN)

What if we have a fully written story and we just want to rewrite it in the voice of a certain author/book, and/or add dialogue from a certain time period, would AutoMuse3 be good for that or is there a different/simpler method?

Not yet but I am thinking about a “Prose Fixer” thing

Here’s the most recent work:

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Siendo un tema tan interesante sería de agradecer poder disponer la traducción simultanea también en español.
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What happened to the AutoMuse repo? I was hoping for the chance to play with this – very interesting stuff!

We’re working on launching a private alpha!

Continuing with my previous question (for rewriting a story in the voice of a different author, etc.)… Maybe this would work if OpenAI made it possible: I assume if we fine tuned a model using our own story, then asked GTP-3 to write a story, it would write a similar story (maybe have to give a prompt of the outline to make sure it is in the same order). If we fine tuned another model using text from our different author and passed the output from the first model into the second model, it would both have our story and have the voice of the different author. Would that work? Is that possible?

I think that actually wasn’t a good idea. Instead, what if you fine tune with both your story and a different author’s text, then prompt GPT-3 to rewrite your story in the voice of the other author?