Fine-tuning job not starting

“Fine-tuning job started” however I cannot see any training steps and it appears the job is hung.

Has this happened to anyone else? Should I resubmit the job?

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Hi and welcome to the Forum! How long has it been since it started?

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Thanks for the speedy response. It said “Fine-tuning job started” at 19:54:16. I’m happy to provide further details regarding the account privately if that helps.

Am also curious if killing the job and resubmitting it will help at all

Hi Danny - as most of us that respond in the Forum are not OpenAI staff, we can’t help with any account specific information. We can just try to help trouble shooting the issue.

Occasionally, fine-tuning jobs can take longer to complete. So provided it shows that the fine-tuning has started, you should give it a bit more time. I’ve had a few extreme cases where a job took nearly half a day to complete while normally most jobs get done within 1-2h following submission.

I’d recommend you wait a bit longer and if it then still appears “hung up”, then I would cancel the job and resubmit it.

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Awesome, this is great advice. Thank you.

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