Fine-tuning Function (not with direct answers)

I am new to OpenAI and I am using the OpenAI API to connect with my WordPress site. (not for Chat or Assitent).
I would like to know if it is possible to fine-tune the results to include some “advice” from me, rather than providing a direct answer.

Here is a simple example:

  • If I ask for 3 restaurants in Miami, the answer will be a “random from OpenAI” list of restaurants. However, I would like one of the three restaurants to be from my “fine-tuning” dataset.
    This way, whenever someone tries to find restaurants in Miami (regardless of the specific question, such as “Show me 3 restaurants in Miami,” “Show me the best things to do in Miami,” or “Make a plan for 2 days in Miami”), the answer will always include that specific restaurant.

I just need to know if it is possible or not.


Hi there - yes, achieving this is possible. However, the solution is not a fine-tuned model but rather you should use embeddings for that.

Have a look at these two links to get started:

Hi jr.2509,
super, tnx for the info.
Good to know. I will take a look now.

Great. Feel free to get back to this forum if more specific questions come up. Lots of embedding experts around.