Fine-tuning Fails due to Syntax

Hello! relatively new to this so apologies for obvious mistakes.

I have gotten to the end of my tuning process and the final command
“openai api fine_tunes.create -t XXXX_prepared.jsonl -m davinci” throws an error saying that the part “api” is a syntax error.

I am running the update via a batch file referencing a python script because when I ran I through CMD It threw errors for import and other basic functions. I had the most progress running through CMD by then switching to python half way through, but the instructions given by openai don’t seem to indicate a need for this.

Everything else in the api works, Dalle and the basic language models included - but I have yet to be able to send any training files.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, let me know if theres any important details or conditions I am missing.


Latest version of openai package? (I think we’re on 0.26?)

What OS are you using?

Maybe it’s a permissions issue? Or a typo in the batch file?

This is likely a clue as to why it won’t run from the batch file maybe…

Thank you Paul,

It looks like I am on 026.1

Windows 10 - I had noticed many of the protocols given seemed Linux based, but this was the only command so far I ever had so much trouble with.

It is very possible that the way I run this is incorrect; running the python scrips via batch file works well for my application but is not necessary for tuning yet. They will hopefully be designed to run automatically. All three methods I use, however, work to run the API but all fail at the same line when attempting to fine-tune.

When running through CMD I can correctly generate the JSONL file with the fine_tunes.prepare_data, everything works there up until I need the import openai, import os, etc- so I switch to Python from the command line, or powershell. Usually python 3.10 or 11. From there I can successfully run every line of the fine-tuning code except the last at which point it says

File " < stdin > ", line 1 and points to the “api” as the syntax error. I had some issues with calling to the env var with the API key so I directly declared it in that command line just before attempting to run the openai api fine_tunes.create.

I read the following post, but have not been able to understand the fix.
Is there support/info for windows now or should I find a linux system? I could run this on a Rasberry pi if required but II would prefer my main machine.

Here is an example of when running in Windows Powershell Python 3.10, same response on 3.9 and 3.11

import openai
import os
openai.api_key = os.getenv(“OPENAI_API_KEY”)
openai api fine_tunes.create -t XXXXX_prepared.jsonl -m davinci
File “”, line 1
openai api fine_tunes.create -t XXXXX_prepared.jsonl -m davinci
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I found these instructions for windows to be very helpful, but SUPER different from what is provided by OpenAI.

While i was able to train a davinci model, the resulting model was awful. I used very few prompts just to see. Normally i use text003 model, buut I found out I cannot train on top of that. the Davinci only model does poorly with or without my training so I suspect it was just the difference between these two models that made that.

Thanks for your quick response today it helped me decide it was likely a windows issue.

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I had the same issue but I just figure it out by providing the API key in the following format
in between ‘openai’ and ‘api’
i.g.) openai -k sk-… api fine_tunes.create -t …