Fine tune failed when epochs=8

Hi Team
All my finetuning jobs are failing when epochs=8
My data is just 150 rows out if which 90 are for training ,60 for validation
batch_szie=4,prompt loss weight=0.1,learning rate multiplier =0.

finetunes.follow gives Fine tune will exceed billing hard limit

Also When I reduced it to 1epoch the jib was successful but it took 2 hrs which is too long for 150 rows
Can I do something for getting queue number 1
Please help me asap on this

please look into the logs
I was wondering why it takes 1hr to get fientuning cost
when queue is assigned ,canw check which other fientuning job is in queue
Also I want to know that fientuning job id is unique to an API key right
so at ta time I am only running one job then from where other jobs are coming