Finding Partner(s) who are interested in working on Projects

Hey all, my name is Raj Vasa. I currently run a marketing technology company called District Interactive based in Washington, DC, I’m CDO of The ONE Street Company - it’s a residential and commercial real estate company serving DC, MD, VA, and FL. We have done $2.7B in sales volume on residential in the last 6 years. And are the #1 mega team in the DC market for the last 6 years according to Real Trends and WSJ. Prior to that, I have had a nightlife company 360nightlife which produced events, and still does with Capital Gatsby Gala etc & was a membership concept. It’s not turned into a blog / content based and still does events.

I have 2 projects I am working on 360 Jetset which is for curated luxury travel and Agent Ambition which is geared toward real estate. I have access to many realtors and know their needs but also know that there is big change happening in that industry.

My problem is that my current circle is not fufilling my needs of a competent partner who wants to build things with the ship fast and iterative process. We’re in a time where this is very possible. There are many applications that can be enhanced. But this takes more than 1 person generally. I have no problem investing reasonably but I believe in lean methodology, validation and iteration.

I dont care where you’re from, or your age. I care about work ethic, experience and understanding of the technology. I am a developer, and ive worked all sides of tech teams but my strongest skillsket is marketing and demand generation. I also am very much capable on the business side.

The universe only connects and put people in your path when you put yourself out there so that is what I am doing here. If you have any interest in learning more and just chatting to see if there is any fit - drop me a message. I just joined the forum so not sure if there is a messaging system here but if not @districtraj on ig and twitter. raj dot vasa at districtinteractive dot com. And more about me at onestreet dot one slash raj-vasa.

I’m being 100% serious here, so only if you are actually interested in looking for a partner and hungry. I have this need to build & this is an exciting time but I firmly believe in building tools that enhance the experience where the AI is not the center, however, small products that can be spun up with a Next.js / vercel / pinecone / langchain type infrastructure can ship first as a product that then becomes. a feature. Anyways - reach out if interested.