Final Revelation How to succeed in this life

When human race deviated from righteousness, creator send his embassadors, messengers and prophets for correction, he also send revelations in form of books Torah, Bibble, Quran and scripters to show the path to succeed in this life and life here after.

The final revelation in the form of Quran shows the human race how to succeed in this life.
Islam is a faith that emphasizes the importance of human striving for self-betterment, justice and peace in all aspects of life. It encourages us to recognize our unique worth and responsibility to strive for excellence in our personal and collective lives. Islam teaches us that every action we take has a moral outcome, and that our ultimate goal should be to seek the pleasure of Allah. It is an all-encompassing, comprehensive faith that addresses all aspects of life, from the spiritual to the mundane. This faith gives us the tools to make the world a better place and to work to create a more just and equitable society.

The scientific innovations are replication of the miracles of the prophet of Gods, for example prophet Soloman PBUH use to fly with his disciples and he also talks to the animals, prophet Jesus cure the sick and talk to the dead, today human beings with the help of science can do all of such, like flying, doing open heart surgery, working on stem cells to cure diseases which consider impossible yesterday, with the help of science humans will talk to the animals and plants and human cloning will help to bring back a dead human but science is not a God because its a creation.

Every thing is a Gods creation, God is a creator and rest is creation.