Files found open after using plugin (fishy)

Good Morning Everyone
I had just finished working with a plugin on ChatGPT and when i closed the browser my file window was open. (It was not me) the frist time i thought it was, but it’s happened a couple of times. it has seriously put me of using plugins. Has anyone come across this.
I do have Norton as some form of protection but the only thing i can think of is Access via the plugin. On a professional level a good prompt is the new oil and i guess the big boys maybe are running out of ideas. With the world being how the world is, Be vigilant Be safe.

CORS is a protection system built into browsers which isolates web pages from accessing local system resources. No system is ever 100% secure and there will always be edge cases, but on the whole the system is extremely secure. So I am confident in saying that no files have been opened by a plugin that you have not given express permission to do so.

On a side note, Norton does not play nice with a lot of web sites.

I see, didn’t know that.
Thank you for your response i will keep on looking out for it, but i feel a bit more at ease. i just thought some crazy thing that by using a plugin to to access data via the internet it could also work in reverse for the plugin.

Good Morning Community
Well i was right i guess. I know my computer its open news now. Let me expand on my crazy though that i had. Because i was a newby i did not what to enbarrass myself and i was humbled. LETS GO, let me say what came to me that day.
It’s a back door into your system not only does it copy all your file including your recycle bin data. it also lays a packet in your system if thats what you would call it . That collect your data and send it off each day/week.etc.
Because its enterded the computor throw an authorise inlet by yourselves its not judged by onboard security. So if you do a scan your protection software will not see it. but its in there. Like i said prompts are the new oil.
I Can not emphasise enough take extreme care Be SAFE.
keep in mind, You dont beleave your work and data belongs to you do you. Thats Life.