File uploads in custom GPTs

Hi everyone,

I’m using OpenAI custom GPTs for my psychology classes for the first time, starting next week (yay, availability to free users!), and I want my students to be able to upload pdfs of scientific journal articles for discussion with the GPTs. I’m looking for a way to integrate file upload functionality in these GPTs, instead of directing them to go use the free versions of Gemini or Perplexity!! I mean, I’d prefer to keep everything within the GPTs they will be using in my classes, or at least regular ChatGPT (just to keep things in the family, lol). Does anyone have a relatively easy-to-implement idea for enabling pdf file uploads (without me having to create a special server and such)? Hopefully this feature will be available to free ChatGPT users soon, but my summer classes start Monday, and a super easy workaround would be awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile: Michie