File deletion from threads?

How come we can delete files from assistant but not from threads / messages , I would suggest adding this feature

i would recommend not deleting data but clearing it. not a feature just common sense if u delete something u can’t always recover it and when u say clear a log it doesn’t delete it would just tell it to backspace all the text in the prompt until the users output.

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From my experience using the Assistants and Threads API, I get better results (especially when using the retrieval tool) when I attach the files to the initial message of the thread instead of the assistant. That way you also don’t need to deal with the assistant file object. With regards to deleting the files, you can delete files no matter which method you take but you might need to do an extra assistant file delete call when dealing with files attached to the assistant directly.


If you attach to the ThreadMessage, does the file automatically go away when the assistant instance is released?