Feedback on ChatGPT: Issues with Team Plan, Voice Technology, and VPN Compatibility

Hello everyone,

As a loyal user of ChatGPT, I greatly appreciate the features it offers. However, there are several issues that I find problematic and would like to share here in the hopes of contributing to the continuous improvement of this amazing tool.

Team Plan

The Team Plan remains highly ambiguous. There is not enough information on the specific features, advantages over the individual plan, and how it can facilitate collaboration among team members. More critically, if the Team Plan does not already include enterprise-grade security and data handling, this is a significant oversight. It is unacceptable to assume that small businesses do not have high confidentiality needs for the data entered into ChatGPT, which can include sensitive information about the company, clients, and partners.

Voice Technology

The current voice technology is plagued with stability issues. Frequent interruptions, variable recognition quality, and unexpected disconnections make the user experience frustrating. Enhancing the reliability of this technology is crucial for its use in both professional and personal contexts.

VPN Usage

Many companies, including ours, rely on VPN servers to ensure secure connections. However, this sometimes causes problems with certain ChatGPT functionalities. Specifically, it seems that IP addresses from OVH are blocked by OpenAI for reasons unknown to me. While I understand there may be valid reasons for this, it significantly hampers a segment of users who need OVH IP addresses to access all ChatGPT functionalities. For instance, when connected to a VPN with an OVH IP address, we are unable to have audio and voice conversations with ChatGPT servers on our phones. This is a considerable issue because, like many companies, our VPNs are always activated, and their use is mandatory. We would much prefer dealing with Cloudflare’s CAPTCHA without human intervention than being unable to utilize a significant portion of ChatGPT’s features due to having an OVH IP address.

Transparency and Communication

More transparent communication about future developments and planned updates would be beneficial. Regular and detailed announcements would help users understand what to expect and plan accordingly.

Enhancement of Voice Technology

Investing in the stability and quality of voice technology should be a priority. This includes better handling of interruptions and more accurate and reliable voice recognition.

Development of Plans

Clarifying the features and benefits of the different plans, especially the Team Plan, is crucial. A detailed roadmap and practical demonstrations could help better understand the utility of these plans for various business sizes and teams. Importantly, ensuring that the Team Plan includes enterprise-grade data security and handling is non-negotiable. Small businesses also require stringent data confidentiality measures for the sensitive information they manage.