Feedback on Assistant API architecture issues/feedback

It’s possible we are missing something but here are some feedback:

  1. file attachment. You should make sure if you are responding with a file id that the file is ACTUALLY usable by the assistant and should not give a success and THEN when we try to use it, we lose tokens AND get a failure because the file is not “ready” to be used. You should either synchronize it and not respond so fast. OR implement a future polling or notification object that tells NOW if you call assistant with this file it will work.

  2. the files can have sensitive information and SHOULD NOT be visible via the playground- there should be clear flag “playground=true” or something to make them visible in playground. If false files should ONLY be accessible via the specific API key used to generate it AND should be deleted automatically with an expiriy window (default to say 30 minutes but allow setting it in the upload API to a window). Making it key specific will allow us to separate our development uploads (not secure accessible to ALL developers) from production use-case. Right now ANYONE logging in to an account sees ALL the files - which is terrible.

  3. JSON response: just like chat completion assistant should allow JSON only responses. Can’t seem to find one.

  4. Stability: I understand you guys are in beta - but you cannot go to prod IF you keep building things that don’t make any sense (e.g. see above). IF you have instability DO NOT charge us money for that. We wasted a lot yesterday making these calls that were failing and got bunch of money taken for failed calls. IF calls are failing due to file issues and system stability issues - you should detect those and refund tokens back into the accounts until you get out of beta and make these ACTUALLY work, otherwise no one will want to use these features. and we would like you to succeed - these are great features. but need to be predictable and usable at some minimum level. EVEN in beta.

  5. focus on predictable functional results as the MVP in beta NOT speed: It’s OK to have slower response and lower volume limits in beta - than to have unpredictable crash and burn and low quality results when things are broken.

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