Feedback GPT-4, for understanding context with the help of " "

Hello everyone,

As a customer that really liked the product, I would like to give a feedback that perhaps is of value or is already shared somewhere on the internet but thought I share it.

GPT-4 (API 8k token, temp 0.7, top p 1, F 0, P 0)

Original prompt:
Now we need to [TEXT 1*] and print money, now m8 can you brainstorm ?
[TEXT 1*] = action + adverb, for example sell outdoor
Printing money is illegal… (a small explanation that prining money is illegal in the answer) + (the rest of the answer)
Don’t have printing money illegality explanation in the answer because we want chat gpt 4 to understand the meaning of what we mean in the context of our question with “printing money”.

New prompt:
Now we need to “[TEXT 1*] and “print money””, now m8 can you brainstorm ?
Of course! I’ll provide you with a few ideas to help you generate revenue through + (the rest of the answer)
GPT-4 understood the context !


good and nested use of " " (quotation marks) is very usefull

(Why nested use of quotation marks ? It did help because with the use of only non-nest : “[TEXT 1*] and print money”, GPT-4 had failed to understand the context)

Thanks for the product and wish alot of good luck.