Feature request: Save outputs indiviually

I’m a bit tired of copying a specific repsonse into a txt file and saving it on my computer manually. In long flowing conversations with broad topics, any number of things may come up that might need to properly be referenced later on, reminded of, or simply treated as the currnt state of things. Given that correcting ChatGPT on it’s outputs is usually a neccesity to get something fine tuned, conversations end up being flooded by prompts like “do this again, but…”, “this is not what I meant…”, “Now exclude x and include y but make it cool…” etc. And the responses end up being 80% repetition, until through iteration you get something you actually wanted in the first place. But now, how do you find that one “good version” if the convo goes on and you have moved on throuh multiple related but different topics? Scroll through the thing for ages to find the last response to that particular prompt which, hopefully was the one that was the best? Use the search function that, unfortunately will just word match, so you can’t really find something specific since much of what you find is different variations of the same thing you need to sort out yourself?

I’d rather have the ability to save, or sticky, or mark specific prompts in the conversation so I can reference them myself later with ease. Idk, just add the ability to mark them as important, and give me a sidebar that lists all the one’s marked important in this current chat which, when clicking on them, automatically scrolls to the reponse itself in the conversation. Better even if we can give custom names or the AI has access to these references.