[Feature Request] Multi-Thread Selection for Deletion

Current Situation

Presently, the system only allows users to select and delete individual threads one at a time. This can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially when users wish to manage or clean up their threads more efficiently. Given the growing use of the platform, the need for better thread management, specifically multiple thread selection and deletion, has become apparent.

Proposed Solution

The proposed feature is to allow users to select multiple threads at once for deletion. Users should have the ability to check off the threads they wish to delete, then click a “Delete Selected” button to remove all selected threads simultaneously. This feature would streamline the process of thread management and provide a more efficient way of organizing and decluttering threads.


Implementing this feature will significantly improve user experience by providing a more efficient method of thread management. It will save users’ time and reduce the effort required to manage threads, especially for heavy users. Additionally, this feature could potentially make the platform more user-friendly and intuitive, further enhancing user satisfaction.


In conclusion, the multi-thread selection for deletion feature is a much-needed improvement that will enhance user experience, streamline thread management, and align our platform with industry best practices. Thank you for considering this proposal. I am available to answer any further questions and look forward to discussing this potential enhancement.