Feature Request: Interaction Limit Progress Bar

I am a subscriber to the ChatGPT Plus plan and have been thoroughly enjoying the enhanced capabilities of the GPT-4 model. However, I have a suggestion that I believe would greatly enhance the user experience for subscribers like myself.

I would like to request the addition of an optional feature that displays the remaining number of interactions with the GPT-4 model for the current hour or three-hour period. This could be implemented as a progress bar or a simple counter visible on the interface. Such a feature would allow users to better manage their interactions and be aware of their usage limits in real-time.

This addition would be particularly beneficial for users who rely heavily on the GPT-4 model and want to ensure they do not exceed their allocated interactions unexpectedly. I believe it would not only enhance the user experience but also provide greater transparency and control over usage.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to any developments regarding this feature.