Feature Request: Improve Multi-Paragraph Prompt Handling in ChatGPT


The current user experience for entering prompts in ChatGPT can be frustrating, especially for those working on serious, professional tasks that require multi-paragraph inputs. When a user presses Enter, the prompt is sent immediately. This behavior is convenient for simple, single-line questions but problematic for longer prompts. Users intending to create a new line or paragraph must use Shift+Enter, which is counterintuitive and cumbersome. A mistaken Enter press can prematurely end and send the prompt, leading to frustration.


  1. Change Enter Behavior:
  • Use Enter to break a line, mimicking the behavior of familiar word processors.
  • Use Ctrl+Enter to submit the prompt.
  1. Optional Advanced Feature:
  • Introduce a “Long Prompts” checkbox.
    • When checked, Enter breaks lines and Ctrl+Enter submits the prompt.
    • When unchecked, the current behavior (Shift+Enter to break lines, Enter to submit) is retained.

This adjustment will enhance the user experience, particularly for those engaged in professional and detailed prompt writing.

Ya that is an annoyance, to get around it i have a note pad open and write my prompts there and than copy and pasting it to ChatGPT, it also gives me time to edit my text before querying, I also noticed that using either of my mobile/cell phones do not have this problem since the “enter” button just goes to the next paragraph and you have to click on the button in the webpage/site to query the system.