Feature Request for 'Which Response Do You Prefer'

Feature request:

  • An option that allows a user to combine both responses when encountering this UI prompt:

Which response do you prefer?
Your choice will help make ChatGPT better

I recently thought both possible responses contained effective and accurate information while being uniquely different enough from each other to warrant requesting chatGPT to attempt to combine both responses, where unique content from both is present in the new response.

ChatGPT said it was possible and agreed to do so yet could only create a response with preface and commentary content in the supposedly combined response; a solid line in place of where the combined content would have appeared.


Preface commentary
---------------------------------------------------------------(solid line)
Commentary on supposedly combined yet missing content
---------------------------------------------------------------(solid line)
Conclusionary summary of supposedly combined yet missing content

Subsequently, when navigating with ‘< #/# >’ - one of the two previous response candidates I hoped to combine is present while the other is replaced by the response visualized above.


  • An option to combine both prompted response candidates would further make chatGPT capable and articulate in this (likely rare) scenario.