Feature request for calendar uploads - ics files

Subject: Enhancement Request for GPT Environment to Support .ics File Processing
To Whom It May Concern at OpenAI,
I am writing to discuss a potential enhancement for the GPT environment, specifically in the context of Efficient Planner, a GPT model designed for personalized scheduling assistance. Our goal is to enable Efficient Planner to process .ics calendar files directly to provide more accurate and tailored scheduling solutions.
Issue Encountered: Currently, Efficient Planner is unable to process .ics files due to limitations in the operational environment. The model requires the use of specific libraries, such as icalendar and recurring_ical_events, to parse and interpret .ics files effectively. However, these libraries are not supported in the current GPT environment.
Proposed Enhancement: We propose enhancing the GPT’s operational environment to include support for these libraries. This enhancement would enable Efficient Planner to:

  • Accurately parse .ics files.
  • Seamlessly extract and integrate calendar events into the scheduling system.
  • Provide more dynamic and responsive planning assistance based on users’ actual schedules.
    Benefits: This enhancement would significantly improve the utility and effectiveness of Efficient Planner, making it a more valuable tool for users who rely on digital calendars for their scheduling needs. It would also open up possibilities for more advanced calendar-related functionalities in GPT applications.
    Request: We kindly request the OpenAI team to consider this enhancement. Any guidance on the feasibility of this request, or steps we can take to facilitate this improvement, would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for considering this request. We are eager to make Efficient Planner a more versatile and user-centric tool and believe this enhancement is a crucial step toward that goal.
    Best Regards, Gio
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