Feature Request: Folder/Sub-Folder Topic Division & Combine Prompt Feeds

It would be stellar to be able to have various folders for projects and some more advanced [prompt] listing organization/capabilities.

For instance, if I’m a developer working on a single project a) with code analysis, then b) business plan documentation, then c) financial models, then d) visual and marketing mockups in DALL-E, the e) pitch sourcing and VC indexing, etc. Those are all different prompts I could have to start with, or if I toggle between 3.5 and 4, that action requiring a new prompt, obviously.

It would be great if “PITCH PROJECT A” could be a main folder, with sub folders, tags, etc.

But I could also have another Main Folder called “Meal Prep” where I prompt recipes and shopping lists, etc.

Thanks, all!