Feature Request: fold Q&A

Hi OpenAI,

I am constantly using ChatGPT, and throughout my conversion, some of the questions were just asked to pinpoint and were irrelevant to the seeking answer. It would be nice to have the option to fold out some questions and answers (with a summarization of the question/answer on top of it for easier understanding). That would improve overall usability and would make it easier to have the main conversation flow over the chat.

As a viable different approach to this problem. It is to select some Q/A and add them to some “storage” or “main conversation” area, that would be easier to maintain or to read later (kinda a different lens on the conversation). In this case, we might mark some Q&A with an “important” tag to add them to this lens.

To evolve this concept, would be nice to start a new conversation right from the “important” lens to continue on the main subject (with the ability to save it into the conversations area).