Feature Request: feedback hotkey + common categories

Would it be possible to permit hotkeys to submit +/- feedback in the chat console (CMD + Enter, Shift + Enter)? Additionally, common category buttons such as “Accurate, Unrelated to Topic, Hallucinated Facts, Math Error” etc. would be helpful.

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Further to this how about allowing you to correct a mistaken click or tap if you picked the wrong thumbs up or thumbs down. I’ve just hit the wrong thumb for just about the fifth time now and rated a response as bad when it was actually exceedingly good. As soon as I pressed it I hit the x but there’s no way to change your response even if you don’t close the window immediately. How much bad data are they getting from these mistakes? Of all the feedback I’ve given it’s got to be at least 5% bad data from me. That’s a pretty bad rate. They should be allowing corrections for misclicks.