Feature Request: Enhanced Language Switching and Detection in ChatGPT for Multilingual Environments

Dear OpenAI Team,

Greetings! As an enthusiastic user of the ChatGPT app on Android, I am reaching out to propose a feature enhancement that could significantly improve the user experience in multilingual contexts. Living in Switzerland, a country where the use of three or more languages is commonplace, I’ve identified a few areas for potential improvement in language handling within the app.

Proposed Features:

  1. Streamlined Language Switching:

    • Implement a method to switch languages directly within the chat interface, avoiding the need to navigate to settings.
    • This would facilitate seamless conversation flow and enhance overall usability for users who frequently switch languages.
  2. Optimized Language Selection in Settings:

    • For users who need to access language settings, adjust the interface to prioritize the most-used languages at the top of the list.
    • This change would eliminate the need for extensive scrolling and make the selection process quicker and more intuitive.
  3. Multi-Language Selection and Better Detection:

    • Allow users to select multiple languages simultaneously, creating a queue for the automatic language detection system.
    • This feature would be particularly useful for multilingual individuals, language learners, and those who mix languages in conversation.
    • It would also improve the system’s ability to accurately recognize and process languages, even with strong accents.
  4. Potential API improvements:

    • Ability to select multiple languages for whisper api could be also beneficial (even better if they could be ranked or provided with optional probability weights parameter, e.g. 0.7 en + 0.2 de + 0.1 jp … )


  • Enhanced Multilingual Support: Makes the app more accessible and user-friendly in linguistically diverse regions.
  • Increased Efficiency: Reduces time and effort required for language switching, streamlining the user experience.
  • Improved Language Learning and Communication: Supports language learners and bilingual conversations, facilitating better understanding and engagement.

I recognize that these suggestions may pose technical challenges, particularly in enhancing the language detection system. However, I am confident that with OpenAI’s expertise and commitment to innovation, these features can be successfully integrated, greatly enhancing the app’s functionality in multilingual settings.