Feature Request ( DEV ) Dont Ignore (Important)

I will make it short and simple.
1: allow to switch to gpt4 from gpt3.
this is an issue you have not allowed because, after long paragraphs of generation in that tab, the AI understands the whole history of the current topic. the issue is when switching to GPT3 after the limit has been reached using GPT4 chatgpt3 makes big errors. looping mistakes. like training gpt3 up again and continues to make mistakes and loses track.

2: allow bookmark always on top tabs.

3: delete all keep bookmarked tabs.

4: being in a single tab when conversation stretches generation becomes laggy. fix it by adding some sort of pruning in place to cut the page length short rather than being too long.

5:add options to save prompts like a floating tab.

5 : Allow folder grouping of related chats