Feature Request: Deletion Recall Option for Chat History

Dear OpenAI Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to request a feature enhancement for the ChatGPT platform, specifically regarding the ability to recall accidentally deleted chat history.

Feature Request: Deletion Recall Option

Recently, I was working on a significant project related to the rebranding and copywriting for my business. ChatGPT played a crucial role in helping me develop content that I was extremely satisfied with. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the entire thread and lost all the data for the masterpiece I had just created. This incident highlighted the need for a feature that allows users to recall deleted items.

Key Benefits:

  1. Data Recovery: Prevent the permanent loss of valuable work by allowing users to recall accidentally deleted threads.
  2. Enhanced Security: Provide a safety net for users working on critical projects, ensuring their data is protected.
  3. User Assurance: Increase user confidence in the platform by offering a way to recover from accidental deletions.

Suggested Implementation:

  • Deletion Recall Period: Implement a feature that allows users to recall deleted threads for a period of at least 3 days to a week.
  • Trash Bin: Create a “Trash Bin” where deleted threads are temporarily stored before permanent deletion.
  • Recall Button: Provide a simple “Recall” button in the Trash Bin to restore accidentally deleted threads.

Thank you for considering this feature request. I believe it will greatly enhance the user experience and provide a valuable safety net for all ChatGPT users. I appreciate your attention to this suggestion and look forward to any updates you may provide.

Best regards,

Wini G