Feature Request: Default Full Response Generation with "Stop Generating" Option

Dear OpenAI Team,

I am writing to propose an enhancement to the user experience of ChatGPT, specifically regarding the handling of long responses. Currently, when ChatGPT generates a lengthy reply, it often pauses and asks the user if they wish to “Continue generating.” While this feature is well-intentioned, aiming to provide users control over the length and detail of responses, I believe a reverse approach could be more efficient and user-friendly.

Proposal: Implement a “Stop Generating” Feature I suggest that ChatGPT should, by default, provide the full extent of its response without interruption. This means that instead of asking for permission to continue, it would continue generating until the response is complete, or until it reaches a hard limit set for response length. The user would have the option to interrupt this process with a “Stop Generating” command if they feel the response has met their needs or is becoming overly verbose.


  1. User Convenience: Most users seeking information from ChatGPT expect comprehensive and complete answers. Interrupting the response flow to ask if they want to continue can be seen as an unnecessary step, particularly in situations where completeness is crucial (e.g., code generation, detailed explanations).
  2. Code Generation Context: In scenarios like programming where partial information can be more confusing than helpful, receiving an entire block of code that is syntactically correct and complete is crucial. Incomplete code is often non-functional and can lead to misunderstandings or extra work for the user.
  3. User Control and Flexibility: Users who prefer shorter responses or wish to avoid information overload can actively choose to stop the response. This places control in the hands of the user without assuming their preferences.
  4. Efficiency in Information Delivery: This approach streamlines the interaction, making the experience smoother and more efficient, especially for users who typically require complete and thorough responses.

While I understand the current mechanism might be in place to prevent information overload and to manage system resources effectively, I believe the proposed “Stop Generating” feature strikes a better balance between user control and efficient information delivery. I trust that ChatGPT already has implemented hard limits to prevent system overload, ensuring that this change would not negatively impact performance.

I appreciate your consideration of this suggestion and would be happy to provide further insights or clarification if needed. This feature, I believe, could significantly enhance the user experience and effectiveness of ChatGPT.