Feature Request: allow Plugins to run async

I need to performe a background tasks in my plugin which could take a while. A nice feature would be that plugins while called can run in the background doing there task and chatgpt get notifed when it gets a response from the plugin.


Good idea, it would be a nice feature to have.

For payment we need that as well.

For now you can just give it two endpoints.


ChatGpt must answer with: this may take some more time. Ask me for a status.


I guess it should be easy for OpenAI to implement the feature. Right now, I can actually use “StartTask”, which starts a long running operation, and “GetStatus”, which checks if the operation has been completed.

ChatGPT confirms it understands it is a long running operation and promises it will check the status. But it will never do it.

Then, I ask ChatGPT how frequent it will check the status, it says it will do it when it is necessary. Then, I wait, but it will never check it.

Then, I ask ChatGPT explicitly in a new prompt to check the status now. It does it correctly.

If notification mechanism is too expensive due to the maintenance of open connections, it would be the second best choice to actually check the status periodically.

I am aware of another thread that uses queue to guide ChatGPT to check the status. But, it looks like a workaround, albeit smart one, not a real solution.

Plugin developers should be able to respond to a chat message asynchronously. For example, If I want to setup a reminder using a plugin, or just sync my calendar with chatGPT to keep giving me information etc about my schedule, I need these kind of notification/ chat response at a certain period of time.

A reminder to use a plugin? Please don’t! Send a mail.