Feature Request: Ability to Stop Responses with Specific Keywords


I propose a new feature for ChatGPT that allows users to stop responding by entering specific keywords.

Problem Statement

Currently, there is no quick and efficient way to stop the generation of responses in ChatGPT once it has started. This can lead to situations where users must wait for a response to finish, which may not always be desirable.

Proposed Solution

Implement a feature where users can type a specific keyword (e.g., “stop”, “end”, “ㄴㄴ”) to halt the response generation immediately. This would give users more control over their interactions with ChatGPT.


  • Enhances user control and flexibility
  • Improves user experience by allowing quick termination of unwanted responses
  • Reduces time spent waiting for unnecessary responses to complete


When a user types “ㄴㄴ” during an ongoing response, the system should recognize this keyword and stop generating further text immediately.

Thank you for considering this feature request.