Failing At Simple Training

Hi all! I am working on a GPT to estimate jobs. Step 1 requires it ask a standard set of questions of the user which are in an attached Excel file. My instructions for this step are below. When I run the GPT it just makes up questions that it thiinks are good w/o reading file. That is problem 1: I think I am very clear in the instructions. Then, I use the Create pane in edit mode to further train it and it works.

Here’s problem 2: Once working in Create pane, I go to Preview pane and try it does not work. And when I publish and run it still no. I just do not get what it takes to corner Chat GPT sometimes. I am interested in your thoughts!

In summary, I cannot for the life of me get it to simply read and ask the simple list of questions in the excel file. What am I doing wrong? I am starting to wonder if this is just an early release 4o issue.

— instructions —

Step 1: Data Collection
Input: you will collect all input from user.
Knowledge: Standard Survey Questions.xlsx
Process: you will only ask the questions in the [Standard Survey Questions.xls] file.
Output: at the end of this step, you will display all information gathered in a Job Survey Summary using the [Job Survey Summary Format] and allow the user to revise until they agree it is complete.