Extremely slow 4.0. Constant network errors

All of the sudden I 'm experiencing very slow responses on 4.0. I have two paid accounts. One of them started first. After I complained the other one started to exhibit the same behavior.

Can you add more resources to the app? It is very painful to work like this. Constant network errors are frustrating too.


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There have been lots of performance issues recently mostly concerning get-3.5-turbo, but that’s not to say that it does not affect other versions. Are you using the API or chat?

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I get the same - Plus service suddenly constant error message:
“”“Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.”“”

Note I am using the GPT-4 in “chatGPT” (not API) just refining text entries, no intense data downloads or similar.

Please advise I have to work with this. thanks Radu

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Same issue. Network errors. Something has gone wrong. Stopped creating images. Even simple questions take forever, it is like watching a 4 year old type. I payed for this but openai is not delivering. Basically it is unusable at the moment. How can you provide a payed service like this and not have a scalable solution for the paying customers. Cancelling if this doesn’t improve.

Same issue :frowning: receiving very slow responses and error messages very often.

Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.