Export chat responses to PDF format

Greetings to all.
First of all thank you for creating this wonderful tool that among other things enhances learning to people who are studying or working on a topic in question.

I come to suggest you if it is possible to incorporate an export option in PDF format about the answers offered by our dear CHATGPT assistant

In order to speed up our learning and avoid having to copy the text in a rudimentary and shabby

I am a full stack programming student and I use this tool a lot among other reasons to review concepts , learn new and see examples of code that help me improve my knowledge and programming skills.

I love being able to work with pdf because with text editors I can underline , mark and point out the topics I’m seeing , reviewing or studying

Having an option like exporting the answers that CHAT GPT offers me would save me time and speed up very learning.

What I suggest is an idea , if possible to be carried out , anyway I thank you for giving us this tool to be able to be better professionals and grow as a person

Thank you for your attention and for sharing your work

P.D: If I got the wrong section to put that suggestion, I apologize.


I too wanted to convert my generated response to PDF format. Well, let me clarify that there is jot a way to directly convert it to PDF but after long research, I found a video on YouTube that proved to be helpful for copying all the text at once. It covers the same topic and provides step-by-step instructions so if you succeed in copying all the generated text fast, you can easily put that into a word file and then convert it to PDF.

Here’s the link to the video: How To Copy All Text from ChatGPT IN 1 STEP (Copy Text Quickly) - YouTube

I hope you find it helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there’s anything else I can help with.