Exploring Voice Mode: What Use Cases Are You Preparing for When It Becomes Available?

With the anticipated rollout of the new voice mode for ChatGPT, I’m excited to hear what creative use cases developers here are preparing to implement. Has anyone been invited to the current rollout phase and willing to share their experiences?

• How do you plan to utilise the new voice capabilities?

• What unique applications or projects are you envisioning?

• For those already testing it, what insights or feedback can you provide?

Let’s discuss the potential of voice mode and share our ideas and experiences. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and plans!

Hey w_c_online!!

I know exactly what I will be able to improve, because I am creating an english and a german Podcast with Chat GPT´s Voice Mode… and the new voice mode will be a huuuuuge plus for my projects!!

If you are interested I can share the links here…